Dental Pro at home tooth whitening *Scam*

Recently we have had numerous emails and complaints mistaking our product and company (Dental Pro 7) with a tooth whitening product called “Dental Pro at home”

Just to make it clear… We have no affiliation or connection *whatsoever* with this ‘shady’ looking company

According to the complaint emails we’ve received, they trick you into signing up for a ‘free trial’, but hidden in the small print:

IF YOU DON’T CANCEL WITHIN 8 DAYS, They automatically charge you ‘without warning’ $94 (or more) USD every month (or every few weeks)

Some customers are even being double billed by 2 different companies (that are affiliated with each other)…. the other company being “Spark Whitening” I believe

One customer that emailed us had over $700 sneakily taken from his account in a 2 month period and didn’t even realise until he checked his credit card statement

Please guys… don’t fall for this, they have a VERY VERY bad way of doing business and it’s extremely unethical to say the least, shame on you ‘Dental Pro at home’

Unfortunately this is/has effected our good name we have built up over the years, so just a reminder;

‘Dental Pro at home’ has nothing to do with Dental Pro 7

Dental Pro 7 is a professional strength Dental solution that helps with gum/tooth problems and bad breath, it has nothing to do with tooth whitening

We would NEVER EVER charge anyone without their permission or use sneaking marketing tactics that ‘trick customers’, we do business the ‘proper way’ by developing an excellent product that actually works and by looking after our customers …

…That way, customers trust you, respect you and use your product again and again… are you listening ‘Dental Pro at home’?

GET your ACT together, try actually helping your customers and provide a good product and service… that way you wont have to ‘trick’ them into buying your products will you?

For more information on the potential ‘scam’ these guys are running, head over to:$345.00


For more information on Dental Pro 7 (a ‘legit’ product that has nothing to do whatever with Dental Pro at home), head over to our homepage at:


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