Could Gum Disease Be Linked To Cancer?

Could Gum Disease Be Linked To Cancer?


According to a new study, The bacteria found to be one the main culprits of causing gum disease could also be boosting cancer growth rates

The bacteria (Fusobacterium nucleatum) found in your mouth has been shown to dramatically reduce the bodies ability to fight off certain diseases such as cancer

It does this by the bacteria ‘conspiring’ with the cancer cells to inhibit the cell receptors in your body called ‘TIGIT’

TIGIT receptors are part of your immune system that slow down or even stop the spread of cancer cells

….so when these receptors are suppressed, it allows for cancers (specially Conlon cancer) to spread and grow in the body much more easily and rapidly

But how does this bad bacteria get into my colon (or other parts of my body) if it lives in my month I hear you ask?

Very good question

According to new research it basically travels directly from your mouth by penetrating into the blood stream

So it’s certainly a good idea to keep the levels of this trouble causing bacteria dramatically down in your mouth to reduce your risk of it spreading

…This way it has less chance to multiply and travel around your body

There are certain all natural anti-bacterials capable of killing and supressing this nasty germ, one of the most powerful being ‘East cape Manuka’ (which has shown to kill it in less than 30 seconds)


Caution: Please Don’t use East Cape Manuka oil neat in the mouth, it is very powerful and must be used at a low dosage

So either dilute your Manuka oil in olive oil to about 1-2% and swish it around the mouth for a minute or so (don’t forget to spit it out after though) Or use a professional strength Dental Solution such as Dental Pro 7 (which contains East cape Manuka and a whole host of other natural antibacterials and immune boosters)

Please don’t use alcohol containing mouthwash to kill the ‘Fusobacterium nucleatum’ germ though, it ‘might’ work at killing it, but ‘alcohol based’ mouthwashes have themselves been linked to cancer in recent studies

…but the science so far is very clear, the less ‘bad’ bacteria that you have in your mouth, the less chance it has to penetrate into your bloodstream and into other places of the body (such as your colon), so a good antibacterial agent (preferably natural) is vital in my opinion

If you are also worried about nasty chemicals in commercial dental products increasing your risk of cancer (and your health) and you wish to read more on the subject then I recommend you also read our other post “The Dangers Of Commercial Toothpaste” 

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